It's Not a Stretch: CorePower Yoga Opens in Del Mar

The company opened its tenth location in San Diego County on Wednesday.

Ever dream of a CorePower Yoga Studio in Del Mar?

Well, now you can just relax and do a Savasana.

CorePower Yoga—a company known for offering the exericse in a heated room—opened its two-studio Del Mar location on Wednesday and is currently offering 16 classes each weekday and six classes on each weekend day.

"We'll expand as soon as our wheels turn faster," said manager Kim Bauman who has worked for the company since 2010.

Though the studio has more than 30 instructors, Bauman said the classes are all consistent.

"All of our teachers are trained the same," she said. "We have similar styles and similar ways of moving the bodies. You'll get the same bubble of experience.

"Overall, the community is just very passionate. We do what we love and we inspire to contribute to the lives of other people."

CorePower is located on the second level of the Flower Hill Promenade at 2720 Via De La Valle.

San Diegans who are not yet members can sign up for a free week of classes when the studio opens.

To learn more about the company, visit CorePowerYoga.com.


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